🦊6. Galactica ZK Vault Snap for Metamask

Manages zero-knowledge certificates on Galactica.com - own your identity, not just your assets.

The Galactica.com ZK Vault Snap holds zero-knowledge certificates issued on Galactica Network in the user's wallet, allowing self custody of your data. It generates zero-knowledge proofs inside Metamask to selectively disclose statements on-chain while keeping personal data private. For example you can import a KYC certificate and privately prove your authenticity and compliance to a smart contract. After installing the Snap, visit https://app-andromeda.galactica.com/ to get started.

The Galactica.com ZK Vault Snap has been audited by Sayfer and whitelisted by the Metamask Team.

More context on Snaps in general can be found here: https://metamask.io/snaps/

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