1. Compliant Privacy: Galactica Network presents a Layer 1 protocol that incorporates zero-knowledge cryptography, offering an ideal balance between regulatory compliance and user privacy. This makes it a safe, reliable, and convenient platform for both users of different profiles and dApps.
2. Sybil Resistance: With Sybil resistance achieved via zkKYC, the network ensures a secure and trustworthy digital environment. This ensures persistent account reputations, providing a safer and more reliable digital ecosystem.
3. DeSoc & Cypher State: Galactica Network's innovative societal graphs and post DAOs (Cypher State) technologies harness the power of social institutions in digital finance, leading to more sophisticated and dynamic economic structures.
4. RegTech Use-cases: Enabling a seamless transition between TradFi and DeFi, Galactica Network's regtech stack broadens the use-cases and enhances interoperability in the financial domain.
5. Protocol Citizenship & Reputation Augmented DeFi: The concept of Protocol Citizenship, enabled by zkKYC, promotes a secure network resistant to Sybil attacks and encourages the development of Persistent Identities. This, combined with the DeFi model augmented by reputations, paves the way for a more accountable and reliable DeFi ecosystem.
6. Unique Balance of Privacy and Compliance: Through zkKYC, contingent transactions, and privacy roll-ups, Galactica Network ensures that privacy and compliance can coexist and co-evolve, setting a new standard for digital privacy in DeFi.
7. UBI with Quadratic Meritocratic Distribution: Galactica Network's unique UBI model serves the purpose of meritocratic wealth redistribution within the network, and Citizen portfolio diversification, creating a truly unique incentive structure.