Voting Power

The Galactica governance framework relies on Voting Power, determined by a user's held tokens and earned reputation within their specific field of expertise. Reputation accumulation does not require KYC and can be gained through active, positive participation in the Galactica Network DAO.

The Voting Power (VP) of a given user in the Galactica network is defined as:

VP(s,r)=Θ(sβˆ’s0)Θ(rβˆ’r0)f(s)g(r)VP (s, r)= \varTheta (s - s_0) \varTheta (r - r_0) f (s) g(r)


f(s)f(s) - stake function, concave, VPmaxsVP^s_{max}bounded

g(r)g(r) - reputation function, convex-concave, VPmaxrVP^r _{max}bounded

Θ(x)\varTheta(x)- Step-activation function, 0 for xx< 0 and 1 otherwise. s0s_0 and r0r_0 are bottom threshold values. Users need more than s0s_0 tokens staked and more than r0r_0 reputation in order to have non-zero Voting Power.

Over a prolonged period of time the system should tend to meritocracy thus:

VPmaxr>VPmaxs VP^r_{max} > VP^s_{max}

These functions take Stake and Reputation as inputs and represent these parameters as β€œweights” within the VP function.

f(s)=VPmaxs(1βˆ’eβˆ’Ξ±βˆ—s)f(s) = VP^s_{\text{max}} (1 - e^{-\alpha^*s})

g(r)=VPmaxr(1βˆ’11+Ξ²βˆ—(rVPmaxr)2n)g(r) = VP^r_{max} \Bigg(1- \cfrac{1}{1 + \beta ^*( \cfrac{r}{VP^r_{\text{max}}})^{2n}}\Biggr)

Given the parameter ranges:

Ξ±, Ξ², Ξ³\gamma Ο΅ β„œ+\Re^+; ΞΊΞΊ Ο΅(0 . 1) ; nn Ο΅\epsilon β„΅\alefsym

In the future these parameters may be changed, within certain bounds, by the community via the voting process. It should also be noted that the specific means of acquiring Reputation is not defined as of yet but users can assume that they will be rewarded should they participate in voting, propose a good project to invest in, if their proposal is accepted by the High Council and other net benefits for Galactica.

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