Guardians are on-chain notaries that verify the authenticity of real-world documents, such as KYC docs. Although documents are submitted off-chain and not stored on-chain, KYC Guardians approve their authenticity on-chain. For privacy reasons, Guardians are unable to link personal data with oh-chain activity. In case a KYC provider is corrupted, there are following ways to mitigate it:

  • Disclose the KYC provider when a zkKYC proof is used. This makes it possible to use blacklists or a more nuanced reputation on zkKYCs from malicious providers

  • Corrupt KYC providers can be identified when an invalid zkKYC is used for a ZKP that has fraud investigation capabilities.

Initially, the Guardians list contains a curated set of providers, but the protocol is purpose-built to become increasingly decentralized over time. More specific information about Guardians can be found in our technical article.

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