What is the mission and the vision of Galactica Network?

Galactica Network's mission is to offer a RegTech-focused blockchain platform that can accommodate the emerging web3 regulations, while preserving and adding programmability to the web3 ethos of decentralization and user privacy. The network focuses on account-level privacy powered by zero-knowledge cryptography and protocol-level compliance powered by contingent transactions, zkCertificates and other technological primitives. It aims to enable regulatory compliance in the world of web3 for the sake of customer protection and broader mainstream appeal of the rapidly evolving web3 stack all while preserving user sovereignty.
The vision of Galactica Network is to create a meritocratic Cypher State - a Web3-Native Nation - a protocol wholly owned and governed by persistent identities also known as protocol Citizens. The core thesis behind this vision is that with the advent of DeSoc primitives there will be no particular function that nation states perform that cannot be replaced and improved by public blockchains. Startup societies are a thing and they are here to stay. A Cypher State transcends the domains of on-chain political and financial primitives, such as ‘classic’ DAOs and DeFi respectively or purely monetary institutions, such as Bitcoin. It envisions a world where platforms enable Decentralized Societies to emerge and grow, fostering innovation in governance and economics. Galactica Network leverages its strong Sybil Resistance to create a rich design space for DeSoc primitives that will power the next wave of innovation in DAOs, DeFi, and protocol governance.