zkCertificates & zkKYC

zkCertificates are non-transferable NFTs with arbitrary metadata, allowing the selective disclosure of the said metadata without affecting user privacy through the use of zero-knowledge proofs. Issued by providers and verifiable on the Galactica blockchain, these certificates can encode various information, such as KYC records or diplomas, and prove logical theses about it without revealing the data contained therein. zkCertificates serve as a general-purpose tool for migrating verified real-world documents onto the blockchain using Guardians. The process of obtaining zkKYC goes as follows:

  1. Visit the Galactica Passport website.

  2. The website guides through the set up process and suggests KYC Guardians that can verify the user's identity.

  3. KYC Guardian issues zkKYC on-chain and the user can import it in his Metamask wallet.

  4. To maintain privacy, Galactica Network utilizes a zero-knowledge commitment hash, so that the Guardian cannot link user’s personal data to any blockchain address.

zkCertificates and Guardians enable zkKYC, which addresses compliance issues without sacrificing user privacy, and increases the cost of Sybil attacks to the point of infeasibility. This allows for a wide range of decentralized social (DeSoc) use cases. For detailed information regarding zkCertificates, please refer to the same technical article.

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