🌌Galactica Network protocol and app layers

Galactica Network enables DeSoc, reputation-augmented DeFi, meritocratic governance, protocol UBI and much more all while maintaining user privacy. At a glance, the above figure provides an overview of the various components that make up its technological stack, application layer and governance framework.

Galactica Network Institutions are abstractions that model social, political, and financial institutions, providing a foundation for building DApps that leverage DeSoc primitives - the social dimension of on-chain interactions. Think banks, associations, companies, parliaments and voting processes that exist in the β€˜physical’ world. All these institutions - rules of the game that shape human societies - are built assuming humans as subjects - not tokens. Web2 platforms do the same - every major social network, game, rating website or a forum is built around the concept of an account presumably registered and owned by a real human. While interacting with other accounts, this human builds a reputation that defines his or her experience on the website or an app. DeSoc is bringing this societal foundation into the world of web3, enabling a myriad of use-cases that cannot be achieved neither by using outdated web2 stack nor by employing non Sybil resistant web3 platforms. Want to take an undercollateralized loan? Need to prove you are reputable enough to honor your commitment. Want to build 1 human 1 vote DAO? Need to have a way for users to prove they are a unique human. Want to have higher voting power for those having subject matter expertise? Need primitives for social attestations (e.g. a university degree or references by friends).

All of these use-cases are merely a tiny subset of what DeSoc enables.

Citizens interact with the Galactica Network Institutions, which form the backbone of the Cypher State's social, economic, and political landscape. As a result, the Cypher State represents a decentralized techno-economic ecosystem where citizens can enjoy β€˜experience’ similar to that of being a citizen to a nation-state, with unique incentives and governance structures based on reputation and merit.

To learn more, read about Galactica Network’s Institutions here.

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