Verification SBT

What it is

Verification soul-bound tokens (SBTs) are on-chain records. They state successful zkKYC verifications between a wallet addresses and verifier smart contracts corresponding to a DApp. The soul-bound property means that it can not be transferred. Instead it has to be recreated for another wallet with a new ZKP verification.

The on-chain registry is implemented in an EVM smart contract. Galactica provides a standardized system instance defined here: DevNet: Andromeda In general, also custom registries can be deployed and used.


  • On-chain record for reference in smart contracts

  • Unlocks using DApps requiring compliance without regenerating a ZKP every time

  • Carries data about verification


The data contained in a Verification SBT is defined in the smart contract.

  • Wallet address of the user

  • Address of the DApp the verification was for

  • Verifier Codehash for tracking what version of the verifier was used. This allows upgrading DApp requirements and migrating previous verifications.

  • KYC Guardian public key

  • Fraud investigation data, see Fraud investigation process

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