KYC Guardian


KYC Guardians are providers and issuers of zkKYC documents on Galactica. In other words, they are the institutions on-boarding and verifying personal data so that it can be trusted on-chain. This is a crucial role because the authenticity of KYC data on Galactica is the foundation for compliance, sibyl resistance and societal trust.

The design and zero-knowledge technology of Galactica achieves a separation of powers between Network infrastructure, guardians of personal information and legal authorities demanding compliance. KYC Guardians are outsourced from the Galactica foundation to keep handling personal data separate from on-chain activities.

The personal KYC details trusted to KYC Guardians can not be linked to on-chain activity. The zero-knowledge proof hides which zkKYC was used, so that not even the issuer can track it. For technical details, check the sections about the holder commitment in Zero-Knowledge KYC. The only possibility to link personal details with on-chain activity is given to legal authorities as required by DApp compliance and transparently confirmed by the user.


In the early phase of Galactica, a whitelist is used to authorize KYC Guardians. Such a simple system was chosen to gather early feedback and experience in a secure setting. As Galactica evolves this system is going to be decentralized in a way that gives DApps and users control over which KYC Guardians they trust. Probably this will work over the Galactica reputation system for Guardians.

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