Release Notes

Updated for DevNet V2.0: Andromeda


Galactica is currently in the second public Devnet phase. On our DevNet V2.0: Andromeda is live and publicly accessible by everyone.

The main goals of the DevNet are:

  • Give users and developers early access to learn about and build on the new possibilities offered by Galactica. Get experience to leverage zero-knowledge disclosures, sybil resistance and compliant privacy for your use-cases and business ideas.

  • Users can experience the zero-knowledge KYC solution and participate in our early community building programs (see Discord).

  • Collect community feedback to figure out how Galactica works best for it's users.

  • Test Galactica's technology, user experience,


The DevNet is an early version of Galactica. There is still a lot to be learned about unlocked possibilities, limitations, usability, technical implications and use cases. The feedback from the devnet will accelerate this process and focus it on the users' needs. The concept, code and documentation of Galactica will change accordingly to iterate and improve towards the best Galactica can become.

Features available in the DevNet:

Features not available yet:

  • Setting up custom validator nodes

  • IBC integration

  • Reputation

  • Governance

  • Contingent Transactions for fund transfers


The complete changelog from DevNet V1.0 to DevNet V2.0 can be found on GitHub.

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