๐Ÿ“™Galactica Network Overview

What is Galactica Network?

Galactica Network is a layer 1 blockchain providing the core technology for compliant privacy in decentralized society (DeSoc) and finance (DeFi).

It is built on the CosmosSDK, CometBFT proof of stake consensus and smart contracts using the Ehereum virtual machine (EVM). Core aspects of Galactica are:

  • ZK Certificates: On-chain attestations in the form of non-transferable NFTs to verify zero-knowledge proofs of statements about personal data. For example zkKYC is a zkCertificate attesting that the user has completed the know-your-customer process at a guardian.

  • Reputation: A system to convert on-chain data and the transaction history (someone's Web3 footprint) into a reputation score according to a customizable function.

  • Contingent transaction: A dynamic requirement system for smart contract interactions and fund transfers to check if users have enough reputation and satisfy compliance statements, such as being >= 18 years old, residing in a valid jurisdiction and not being on a sanction list.

With this technology stack, Galactica is the right platform for use cases, such as:

  • DeFi projects complying with upcoming regulation while preserving user privacy

  • DeSoc projects built on authentic of user identification, privacy and decentralization

  • DAOs, network states and parallel institutions leveraging zkKYC to identify users for human centric voting while preserving user privacy

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