Front End

How to build a front-end for a Galactica DApp

Wallet integration

In general, every EVM compatible wallet can interact with Galactica. We recommend to focus on Metamask because Galactica provides the Galactica Snap for additional wallet features required to utilize the full potential. This allows DApps to require compliance proofs from users while giving them zero-knowledge privacy and self custody over self sovereign identity documents.

Read Galactica Snap for Metamask for details.

To integrate the Galactica snap, you can use the requestSnaps call passing the snapId npm:@galactica-net/snap.

The package @galactica-net/snap-api provides simple to use methods to integrate in the front-end.

General RPC functions for EVM are documented here. RPC functions specific to the Galactica Snap can be found in Galactica Snap JSON-RPC API.

You can also take a look our guide to the example front-end on the following sub-pages. The code for it can be found here under packages/galactica-dapp.

Chain selection

To interact with Galactica, the RPC endpoint defined here can be used in the wallet: DevNet: Andromeda

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